Frequently Asked Questions

Consumers FAQ

Ans. is an online platform that allows you to post your good or bad reviews about any products or services you have ever used. We also reward our users by "Review Reward Contests" to thank them for building an online community and database of reviews which can be trusted & consulted upon before making any consumer decisions. And that's not all. We are also giving our users a chance to MAKE MONEY FOR LIFE with their reviews, just to encourage them to write more and more reviews to help others, be it good or bad.

Ans. To post a review, simply sign up for a consumer account and then click on any category from the home page under which your review product or service falls and then click on "Write Your Review" button. Alternatively, you can also CLICK HERE (after logging in) to write a review directly and select category from the drop down.

Ans. Yes, we have a dedicated page for submitting anonymous review which you can use to submit your reviews which will be approved and published by our staff and will not show your personal details. It will just show posted by anonymous. Though please note, without an account, you won't be able to post any replies to it plus you will not be able to earn money with it. Also even if you post a review after signing up, you have option to choose "SHOW NAME AS ANONYMOUS" while posting your review. So we highly recommend that you sign up and then post a review, signing up is FREE and hardly takes 30 seconds.

Ans. Simply click here to sign up for a consumer account and enter few details and you will be registered within seconds and be able to log in after you confirm your email address by clicking the verification link we send to your email.

Ans. When you post a review, you have choice to select your SHOW NAME for review as your username, original name or anonymous so you have complete control on POSTED BY name. You can sign up with any username of your choice. Apart from it, we never share or show any personal information in the review or with the brands. You "at your own wish" can share personal contact or order information if you wish so that brands can help you. However, its always recommended to let the brand reply first to your review with a contact option and then you can send them the required information to help you out to avoid sharing your personal information on the web.

Ans. We do our best to review and approve all reviews submitted within 24 hours however, in some cases, it may take up to 72 hours for a review to be approved & publish. As and when it happens, you will be notified by email. Also, if we disapprove your review for publishing, you will also be notified for the same. And if you're not notified within 72 hours, you can contact us at to check the status.

Ans. Apart from giving you a chance to make money with reviews, we also run review reward contests. Both are our way to say thank you to our users in helping us build the Consumer Wikipedia of Canada. So you will not only help others when you write your good or bad reviews, you will also have loads of fun, a chance to make money with your reviews and a chance to win loads of prizes with our review reward contests so do participate in those.

Ans. We strongly discourage you to do this. Please post a reply on your review that they are doing this. Brands like these should be avoided so the more you spread the truth about them, the better Canadian consumers will be.

Ans. In our efforts to provide a fair chance to brands to help genuine customers, we also allow them or anyone else to report false reviews to us. As and when that happens, we contact the reviewer and give them 72 hours to respond with proof that its a vaild review. During this process, we strike out the review and mark it as pending investigation/fake and we remove the strike and marking if its proved that its a genuine review. This ensures all reviews on are genuine and can be trusted by potential buyers.

Ans. Yes sure we can help. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email our customer service at

Brands FAQ

Ans. For brands, with a FREE brand account, we enable them to respond to their online reviews as well as automatically set a default review reply plus get automatically alerted if there is a review published for their brands. And you can also create your own featured brand page which you can link from your website or customer support emails to show your good reviews and also ask your customers to write reviews for you. All this helps boost customer satisfaction levels and get more future business from potential and existing customers.

Ans. If you represent any brand or is assigned a task to help consumers of a company over the web, you can do so with a brand account. Just click here and enter few details to sign up and your brand account would be ready to use as soon as you verify your email.

Ans. Its nothing but a way for us to ensure its actually the brand that you claim you are. Its not a requirement and you can still reply to customer reviews however, it won't show "VERIFIED" under your username and logo (if any).

Ans. Its pretty simple. Please email from your business domain email to with your brand account username and we will send you a secure code by a separate second email which you need to validate inside your brand account verification tab. If you don't have a business domain/website yet, please email and we will do verification of your brand account by sending a secure code by POST/COURIER to your registerd business address instead of email.

Ans. There are 2 ways. First, from home or any page, run a search about your brand in "search reviews" search bar and start responding to your brand product or service reviews by logging in to your brand account and clicking on POST REPLY button on that review. And secondly, you can be automatically notified about your brand reviews published on, please see the FAQ below.

Ans. Yes its possible. With, you don't have to come and search for your brand reviews every now and then, does that automatically for you and send you notifications whenever a review associated to your brand is published so you can easily reply to them then. To set this, log in to your brand account and go to NOTIFICATION tab from members side menu bar.

Ans. In the world where we love to do everything as soon as possible, its comforting for your consumers to know that you are on helping them and are aware of their posted review. So we provide a feature for brands where they can set a default automatic reply in their brand account and it will be automatically posted to every review published on related to your associated brand. To set it, please log in to your brand account and click on "Notifications " side menu tab and follow instructions there.

Ans. No, never charges or ask for any products or services or any favor from brands or its representatives for using brand accounts and its services. If you receive any emails asking for anything in return of services or saying we can remove negative reviews of yours for a charge, its a fraud. Please report it as such.

Ans. editors team takes the decision solely based on their ability without any further influence. Though you can request them to do your brand product or service editorial review. Click here to place a request for editorial review and one of our editors will get back to you if and when they decide to review it and needs your inputs.

Ans. We have dedicated brand managers for your help. Please email anytime you need help or have any questions.

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